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+Can I see any dentist I want?

Yes. You can see any dentist of your choice.

+My dentist just told me I will need extensive dental work. What should I do?
First, don't feel pressured to have all the proposed work done immediately. Ask your dentist questions. For example: Why is this needed now? Are there any alternatives? It may help to have an estimate for the proposed treatment sent to us. If there are a couple of different options proposed, have your dentist submit a written estimate to us describing these options so that we can tell you: Whether the proposed services are covered by your plan, What our reimbursement will be, and What you will have to pay These estimates are not required; however, our members often find them helpful in planning their treatment.
+I think flossing is making the gaps in my teeth wider. I started flossing only a few years back (I am 30). Do you know if starting to floss now is more harmful than helpful? Thanks.
Flossing is of paramount importance in oral hygiene. For the health of the teeth and gums, one has to floss regularly. If you have this feeling of gaps between your teeth, it is because the floss is removing all the plaque and debris. Removing all those irritants will let any inflammation of the gums heal and reduces the chances of getting cavities at those proximal cavities. Keep flossing but of course do not overdo it. Once a day should be good enough.
+Hello Dr. Sireesha,I am Sreeharsha from MI. I am 23 years old. I do not know what is in there. But I have severe pain in my molar teeth whenever I consume anything very cold or very hot. This is happening from the past 6 months. May I know what may be the reason for this, the remedy for this and what cost I need to incur for the treatment? Thank you in advance.
Hi Sreeharsha, Thanks for looking at my web site. It seems like you have a carious tooth (decayed). I would advise that you have it checked as soon as possible. Pain with hot is a sign of the tooth nerve involvement which might require a root canal treatment. If not treated it can get infected with severe pain and swelling. Of course it would be best to see you for a thorough exam and tell you exactly what treatment is needed and we'll be able to tell you then the cost of treatment. I'll be happy to see you for a free cosultation. Just call the office for an appointment at (248) 813 7700.
+Madam, I am 35 year old. I am having the front most tooth little bit high and cross. To adjust this 5 years back in India, One dentist removed the side tooth of this one and put an artificial tooth. Now the tooth which is little bit high is slowly moving and gap is coming between the teeth. Is there any way to adjust this?Thankyou.
Hi Sridevi Thanks for looking at our practice's web page. I am trying to visualise your case from your description but it is a little bit hard. That's why it would be best to see you for a free consult. But I have to tell you that dentistry today has a lot to offer as solutions for cosmetic problems. We are sure that we can help you achieve a nice pleasing smile. Please call us at 248 813 7700
+i would like to know if you can do zoom on teeth that have cavities or do they need to be fixed first and if zoom works on tetracycline teeth? Thank you
Thanks for looking at our practice. Cavities have to be treated before the Zoom whitening. Some tatracyclin stains respond to bleaching. It will depend on the degree they are discolored. That's why we would recommend that you come to the office for consultation. When we look at them we can let you know about the expectations. You can make an appointment by calling the office at (248) 813 7700