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Dear Dr. Nemallapudi,
It is difficult to find the words to express my gratitude and appreciation for the dental work that you have recently completed for me.You have the best Dentist In Troy. It would not be an exaggeration to say my quality of life have improved.

Like so many other people, I postponed for many years the dental work that I knew I needed. The unfortunate experiences of many family members and friends with dentures was something that I did not want to repeat. I learned to make the best of my deteriorating condition for fear that a full set of dentures would bring undue discomfort and embarrassment to me.
The day that I walked into your office everything changed While experiencing a healthy done of apprehension about the procedure, I somehow knew that thin was the answer I was looking for. You did not disappoint me! It has been a pleasure being cared for by you and your staff. I can not thank you enough for the work that you completed and the services that your staff provided. Most of all I thank you for your generosity and caring. I shall not stop talking about my experience with this procedure for a long time and I will certainly inform my friends and acquaintances of your work.

Thank you again.

Kim W.

Dr. Nemallapudi,
Thanks for the loving care. I am a big time winpand was terrified of the "dreaded root canal". Never having had one and having heard people prefer giving birth and passing kidney stones I was a bit apprehensive. Sorry you had to coax me off the ceiling.

I appreciate your "old fashioned" care. I wish I would not, have caused myself so much undo stress. How silly. You made what seemed like tourture - ok.
I am fortunate and grateful to have such warm and skilled dentist,the best Dentist In Troy I thank her every time I smile.

Thank you.

Tim B.

Dear Dr. Nemallapudi,
I just wanted to let you know how much our family likes having you as our dentist.You are the best Dentist In Troy You have always accommodated emergency needs and my kids say you are the nicest dentist they have ever been to. You do great work and are always a pleasure to visit.

Thanks for taking such good care of our family.


Roxane Knier.

Dr. Nemallapudi,
"Thank you so much for making my visit today so comfortable. Now I have no idea what I have been so afraid of! I am no longer afraid of the dentist!"

Thanks Amy.

Dear Dr. Nemallapudi,
For years, I had been self-conscience about my smile. But a year ago Dr. Sherrie changed that self-conscience feeling into a beautiful smile. I get so many compliments on my white teeth and after a lifetime of smoking and coffee drinking I thought my teeth would be brown for ever. Zoom whitening was the best decision I ever made for my to enhance my appearance and confidence. You made a difference in my smile and my life.



Dr. Nemallapudi,
"Even if I tried, I still can't imagine conveying my appreciation to you for what you have done for me. Zoom gave me the confidence to smile again and to look away the anxiety I felt over having to smile in front of hundreds of people on my wedding day. You are amazing, and I thank you. I wish you and your family all the best and I hope the rest of the Troy gets to see your talent."



Dr. Nemallapudi,
P.S. "Ever since I whitened my teeth, people stop and tell me how beautiful my teeth are and how white they look. But best of all Mark says," I look younger and as pretty as the day we met."

I feel more confident and I love to SMILE!!! Thank you for all that you have done for the family and to make me have a million dollar smile.The Best Dentist In Troy!